Questions to ask when interviewing a Realtor

Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Realtor

Preparing to buy or sell a home is a major step, and finding a realtor who is both knowledgeable and trustworthy can significantly enhance your experience and success. The importance of thorough vetting cannot be overstated. A realtor is not just a middleman; they are your advocate, your adviser, and your negotiator. Making the right choice can lead to a smooth transaction and even potentially better financial outcomes. In this guide, we will explore the essential questions you should ask when interviewing a realtor.


Purchasing a new home or selling your property is an exciting venture that comes with a suite of challenges and opportunities. The process is often complex, and the stakes are high. This is where a seasoned realtor steps in to ease the journey, offering insights drawn from experience and expertise. The value of a good realtor cannot be overstated: they can save you time, money, and many headaches. So, how do you ensure that the realtor you're considering is the right fit for you?

Questions to Ask During the Interview

Experience and Expertise

  1. How long have you been a licensed realtor?
  2. Could you tell me about your experience with buying/selling homes in my target area/price range?
  3. What are the biggest challenges in the current market, and how do you navigate them?

Local Market Knowledge

  1. How well do you understand the local real estate market?
  2. Can you provide a comparative market analysis for this area?
  3. How would you leverage your local insights to benefit my home buying/selling process?

Communication and Availability

  1. How will we communicate throughout the buying/selling process?
  2. What is your response time for calls, emails, or texts?
  3. How often will I receive updates?

Marketing Strategy

  1. What is your approach to marketing a property?
  2. Which advertising channels do you find most effective for reaching potential buyers/sellers?
  3. Can you show me examples of your marketing materials?

Negotiation Skills

  1. Can you describe your negotiation strategy?
  2. How have you successfully negotiated challenging deals in the past?
  3. What are your techniques for ensuring I get the best deal possible?

References and Testimonials

  1. Can you provide references or testimonials from previous clients?
  2. What do your other clients say about working with you?
  3. How would you rate your customer satisfaction?

Commission and Fees

  1. What is your commission structure, and are there any additional fees?
  2. How does your commission compare to the standard rate in our area?
  3. Are any of your fees negotiable?

Contract and Agreement Terms

  1. What terms are included in your standard contract?
  2. How long is the exclusive relationship period, if any?
  3. Can you walk me through the contract cancellation process if necessary?

Professional Network

  1. What professional real estate networks are you part of?
  2. How do you maintain relationships with other real estate professionals?
  3. Do you have a network of vendors (inspectors, contractors, etc.) you recommend?

Availability for Open Houses or Showings

  1. What is your availability for hosting open houses or private showings?
  2. Will you be conducting these personally, or will another agent assist?
  3. How do you plan and execute an impactful open house?


Asking these questions will provide you with clarity and confidence in your choice of a realtor. It's not just about their answers, but also how they answer — this can be a telling sign of their competence and compatibility with your expectations. Remember, the quality of your realtor can greatly influence the outcome of your real estate venture, so take the time to conduct thorough interviews. Trust your intuition, do due diligence, and choose a partner who will stand by your side with integrity and expertise throughout the buying or selling process.

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